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      <br>What is PCB assembly? Well, it is a term used to refer to the manufacturing process of creating electronic components or PCBs. It is the assembling of electronic components like microprocessors, digital devices and memory chips onto non-volatile printed circuit boards or wafers. It is often done in a small-scale production run using single or multi PCB’s. Typically, it is done by producing thousands of individual components at a time. If you have an idea for a new product that needs to be manufactured, then you will likely want to consider what is Pcb assembly able to do for your next project.<br>
      <br>A majority of electronic components produced today are in the form of printed circuit boards or PCB’s. They are used to help form the various components of an electronic device. Most people are familiar with how they work. A PCB is a resistive component that has a circuit on it. When electrical current passes through it, the circuit changes its state from a low to a high one. This change is called an “interrupt” in the world of electronics.<br>
      <br>The process that makes a PCB available to end users is called “through-hole assembly”. There are two different methods for this production method; through-hole and surface-mount technology. Through-hole assembly utilizes metal traces that are attached to a substrate that has conductors on it. These traces are heated through a procedure called “hot air inflation” to form the electronic components that are present on the board.<br>
      <br>On the other hand, surface-mount assembly utilizes a method called “direct electronic manufacturing” or “DIPM”. It is generally considered to be the more cost-effective method of manufacturing printed circuit board assemblies for electronic devices. It makes use of plastic heat-swabs that are applied to certain areas of the electronic device. These electronic components are then printed on the surface of the heat-swab using a special printer.<br>
      <br>To produce one-stop purchasing solution for many different types of electronic components, manufacturers have started using SCT (small business dealer) software. This software can provide manufacturers with a one-stop-shipper of printed circuit boards and parts. This wholesaler provides a one-stop-shipper of high-quality printed circuit boards with SCT compatible components. With the use of this tool, a manufacturer can easily offer different types of products to different customers in different locations without having to concern oneself with the logistics aspect of shipping goods.<br>
      <br>PCB assembly has a number of benefits to offer to companies. It can greatly help reduce costs of production, which is especially significant when the products being manufactured are used in electronic devices that are not cheap to ship across the country. In addition to this, the assembly of printed circuit boards ensures that the finished product meets the stringent quality standards that product development processes demand. Lastly, the increase in competitiveness of today’s global economy means that companies should always look for ways of increasing their productivity and lowering their overall costs.<br>

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