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      Schuyler Jensen

      Hi Softball Friends,

      I’m Schuyler (pronounced “Skyler), and I’m looking for a C team to play with. I’m a solid hitter with quick feet a good glove. I played in C league on the Lumberjacks last year (mostly at 1B) and had an excellent experience. Ever since last season concluded, I’ve been running drills and working on my skills. I played well last year, but I know that I’ve put myself in a position to do even more. I recently learned that I won’t be able to attend field day on the 12th. I was really looking forward to it, so I hope this post reaches a few managers.

      My current rating is 9. After spending some time with the NAGAAA ratings guidelines, I’ve set a reasonable goal for myself to be within the 12-14 range by the end of next season. I narrowly missed a .500 BA in C league last year, but it was my first season playing softball, and it took me a number of weeks of the regular season to get used to the downward sloping trajectory of a softball pitch. I performed much stronger at the plate in the second half of the season. I was really able to put my weight behind the pitch in the last 4 or 5 weeks of the season. This manifested in a slew of extra base hits.

      Defensively, First base is my home. It has been my main position since age 9 and I play it well. My range is great tracking down flyballs, and I have no fear of hard-hit ground balls. I’m primarily an infielder, and also left-handed, so first base is a natural home. I’m interested in playing other positions around the diamond as well. The other corner may be a good fit for me, though I haven’t played it since Babe Ruth League. I have the arm for third base and if the ball is hit hard down the line, I’ll stop it.

      I spent most of my practices with the Lumberjacks not at first base or at third base, but in the outfield. I can run, throw hard, and I’m left-handed so I profile well out there. Depth-wise, the Lumberjacks had a dearth of experienced outfielders, so It made more sense to start me at first base. I made a few diving catches in practice and I’ve been chasing that feeling ever since. I am a little shaky reading the depth of the ball off the bat. That’s something I’m definitely eager to improve. All the same, I have experience at the position and I’m eager to explore playing the outfield.

      My favorite part of softball, apart from making a diving stop, is hanging out with the crew! I’m looking for a team that has a really strong culture. I love grabbing drinks after the game.

      I’m very disappointed to miss field day, but I know I can be a great contributor on any team. ECSA is very important to me, and I’m so excited to get out there and play with you all!

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      Hi Schuyler,
      Sorry about not getting in touch with you from the matchmaker – but I’m happy you attended Fall Ball and got yourself onto a team. I’ll be purging these postings as soon as I circle back with folks.
      See you on the Field!

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